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Who we are


We are a global network of independent, non-partisan local funders working to build peace and social justice within our respective communities, societies and countries. As a result of support from a Special European Union Peace Programme grant to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland in 2003, the Network was founded and began to build. It has ten active members across the world and enjoys support from a range of associated members and critical friends.

Formally launched in the UN Church’s Centre in New York in 2006, much work and shared learning has developed and, in 2016, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we intend to bring into our fold many more activist foundations/funders from across the world to work with us and to learn from each other. We will continue to target regions and countries entrenched in communal and other conflicts.

Foundations for Peace (FFP), strongly believes that conflicts cannot be resolved by violence, building peace is the only way forward to enable long term sustainable solutions.

Why FFP?
Since the Second World War, there have been more conflicts within States than between States, and the numbers have increased alarmingly since 1989. These internal wars leave permanent and deep scars which are carried over the generations, isolating and alienating individuals and communities. They eventually become islands of hate. If the violence is erupting from within, the peace building also should emanate from within the community.

In the past ten years, the world has changed beyond recognition. Alongside serious problems such as rising inequality and climate change, war has become the new norm, and peace and security issues dominate much of the globe. Many democracies are faltering with a rising prevalence of failed states, conflicted or deeply divided societies and stalled development.

Studies show that, despite the best efforts of many organizations, the architecture surrounding development aid does not contribute to lasting peace in conflict-affected communities. Indeed, the aid system tends to undermine the autonomy of local activism, which is essential to transforming conflicts.

It is in this situation that independent indigenous foundations, who understand local dynamics and are sensitive to political nuances, play a crucial role in providing resources for building bridges. It is FFP’s conviction that for any development to happen, peace building should be the starting point.

Need for the FFP Network
There is a need for our global network because, while peace building is essentially local, our efforts benefit enormously from transnational perspectives and experience.

Foundations for Peace is a legally registered Charity in Northern Ireland with capacity to operate on an international basis.