Our Aim

Foundations for Peace envisions a pluralistic and inclusive society across the world that respects human rights and dignity and in which conflicts are resolved through peaceful means.

Foundations for Peace seeks to develop a network of independent, indigenous funders that share their unique insights and experience in working to advance equality, diversity and inter-dependence in areas of entrenched and persistent communal conflict. The Foundations for Peace Network is committed to peacebuilding – believing that peace has to be worked for and invested in.

Foundations for Peace has three strategic goals:
• To draw lessons from and share models of good practice in peace building that have been implemented within and between local communities
• To promote and advance public policy to support equality, diversity and inter-dependence nationally and internationally
• To inform, promote and thereby increase the flow of philanthropic funds to support indigenous peace building Foundations across the globe

In pursuance of the above goals Foundations for Peace has listed the following objectives:
• To ensure that the membership and leadership of Foundations for Peace is diverse in religion, gender, and culture and reflects as many regions of the globe as possible that share the challenges of peacebuilding derived from entrenched, persistent and potential communal conflict
• To sensitize international philanthropic communities on the importance of proactive peacebuilding vis-vis reactive measures to conflict and violence
• To promote solidarity between members
• To build individual and organizational capacity through collaboration and sharing of skills, knowledge, experiences and good practices

• Respect for human rights, equality, diversity and interdependence
• Full autonomy for member organizations to develop policies, positions and practices relevant to their mission and philosophy within their sphere of interest, without diluting the goals of the network
• Transparency and accountability, as a network, among member organizations and to the public about our work