Dalia Association (Palestine)


About Us
In 2006, three independent developments converged to make a Palestinian community foundation an obvious and strategic way to effect a permanent, structural improvement in Palestinian lives. First, the January legislative elections that brought the Hamas movement to power within the Palestinian Authority led almost immediately to a near-total cut-off of budgetary support and severe reductions and restrictions in support to civil society. Overnight, the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza who had been the largest per capital recipients of international aid in the world plummeted even further into poverty, and became even more vulnerable to the violence of the Israeli occupation. Emergency aid channelled through multilateral organizations and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), has not compensated for the loss of earned income, and in fact, has deepened the sense of indignity and hopelessness that has pervaded the lives of generations of Palestinians.

A core group of Palestinians became convinced that an endowed community foundation was worth pursuing. A working group of dedicated volunteers formed, adding the community foundation to their long list of community activities. In 2007, the Founding Board of Directors was identified and the Dalia mission statement created as were future strategies. A governance structure was set in place and the necessary legal entity established.

Significant fundraising was undertaken to create a permanent endowment with a large sum of money professionally invested over time with the earnings used to fund civil society activities to ensure sustainable income for current and future generations. Endowments are a core strategy of community foundations around the world.

Our Mission / Vision:

As Palestinians, We Have the Right to Control Our Own Development Resources.

Dalia Association was established in 2007 by members of the Palestinian community from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Israel, and the Diaspora. We are diverse in terms of age, gender, religion and politics, yet we are united by our vision – to realize our rights as Palestinians to control our resources and sustain our own development for generations to come. Our mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent and accountable civil society.

To achieve our mission, we:
Make grants to support inspirational and relevant civil society initiatives, especially grassroots efforts that seek to supplement local resources. Community-controlled grantmaking increases the transparency, accountability and professionalism of local initiatives.
Link resources by introducing people with expertise, ideas, contacts, equipment, and other assets to community activists who can use them to serve their communities. Effectively utilizing resources that already exist in our abundant community helps decrease our dependence on outside resources.
• Encourage giving by locals, companies, and refugee and Diaspora Palestinians We revive local traditions of philanthropy and volunteerism and create new systems that make giving easier, safer and more trustworthy. A permanent endowment will be built over time to ensure sustainable income for current and future generations.
Advocate for systemic change in the international aid system so that it respects Palestinian rights and responds to local priorities. Advocacy includes constructive engagement with innovative donors who want a local partner to help them improve their policies and maximize their impact.

Our Grant Making work:

neel21. Women Supporting Women
Women Supporting Women (WSW) is a program that builds leadership through “culture change” in women’s and villages networks. WSW empowers and trains women, through direct experience, to decide how to use community development resources and mobilize their own capacities – both as individuals and in women’s networks – to strengthen their assets and increase their impact. We hope to contribute to women’s empowerment and leadership within their families and communities, improved development practice, and the long-term sustainability of women’s groups and networks through sharing resources.

Some of the supported work includes:
• Decision-making through putting grants distribution decision in the hands of women grassroots and according to their criteria.
• The ability to determine the association prioritizes by implementing the appropriate projects or activities that enable groups to continue servicing their communities.
• Using and mobilizing local resources by evolving local community in participation.
• Activating the role of the local society in monitoring and evaluating of their community associations.
• The ability to do financial and administrative planning.
• The ability to prepare budgets for projects to avoid financial deficits.
• The ability to do evaluation and measuring impact.
• The ability to do networking, participate efficiently and link associations with sources.
• Integrate the grassroots associations with philanthropy program which can guarantee self-reliance for the associations and reduce the dependence on foreign aid.


The Village Decides:
With this program, Dalia targets the Palestinian villages to achieve change within certain criteria: the number of population is between 3000-5000; the number of institutions at a minimum of eight active and efficient ones; the social infrastructure of the village; the acceptance of change within the community.

Program Objectives:
• Community involvement in decision-making process;
• Empowering the community to use grants based on priorities;
• Directing the community to use and invest local resources;
• Activating the role of the local society in monitoring and evaluating the institutions of the civil society;
• Orientation towards achieving social change and continuous genuine development;
• Activating the role of the Palestinian Diaspora to involve them in the development process.

Contact Info:

  • Website: www.dalia.ps
  • Email: info@dalia.ps
  • Address: Dalia Association, Palestine, Post Office Box 2394, Ramallah, Palestinian Authority
  • Address (Brussels Main Office): Dalia Association, a.s.b.l. , BP 27, Gare de Bruxelles-Central Boulevard de l’Impératrice 3, 1000 Bruxelles
  • Tel: +970-2-298-9121, +970-559-777-051