Conferences and Seminars

The group has drawn up a charter that will govern its activities. It advocates local peace building efforts, but emphasizes learning from transnational experiences.

1 May 2005 Major Peacebuilding conference in Derry, Northern Ireland
2 Jun 2006 International Launch of the Foundations for Peace Network at the UN Church Centre, New York (with policy publication)
3 Jun 2006 Conference – The contribution of indigenous Foundations to Peacebuilding
4 May 2008 Launch of Victim’s Empowerment Case studies report and major conference on Victims and Survivors of Conflict held in Belfast, Northern Ireland
5 Feb 2009 Ford Foundation Conference on Social Justice and Philanthropy with FFP in Cairo, Egypt
6 Feb 2010 ‘Small Money: Big Impact’ Publication launched at key FFP conference on Peacebuilding, social justice and philanthropy in New Delhi India
7 May 2014 Women and Peacebuilding: Sharing the Learning – major conference in Belfast March 2014
8 Nov 2016 10 years of Foundations for Peace: Sharing the Learning Conference in Brussels

10 Years of Foundations for Peace
Sharing the Learning Conference
3rd/4th November 2016
European Foundation Centre, Bruxelles.

The convening will:
• discuss a new paradigm for development in contested or deeply divided societies
• explore the role of different types of community intervention in peace and conflict transformation
• explore new models of partnership working for community based conflict transformation in contested or deeply divided societies.

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